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Jul. 2nd, 2004

"Place Your Hand In Mine"

oh man. Can I just say that I <3 metal night like whoa. I wasn't even gonna go last night....I'm glad I did :)

In other news, I work until 10 or 11 tonight and have no freaking plans. Call my cell and leave a message if you wanna do something when I get out. I could be out anywhere between 9:30 and 11. Depends on how long it takes to close.

Jun. 26th, 2004

"Take Me Into Your Darkest Hour, I'll Stand By You"

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Today was absolutly fucking amazing. I'm not making this entry friends only because I want everyone to read it.

To everyone who was at Sunset Beach, and Bobby's house today: I fucking love every single one of you. I don't care if I've known you for years, or just met you at Brian's house the other day. I LOVE you all. Every single one of you are absolutly amazing and I'm so lucky to have spent time with you guys. I fucking love you ALL

I honestly don't feel like writing out everything that happened today so here's what we're gonna do:
~Used a half a tank of gas today
~Had an AMAZING time at Sunset beach
~Got thrown in the water
~A chair and 2 pairs of sunglasses were lost in the water, the chair was recovered hours later, the glasses were not.
~Went swimming in the cold water and found out that in intensly cold water my whole entire body hurts if you touch it, espically my arms, back, and legs
~watching the sunset
~intensly large amounts of driving, and wonderful talks with Brian.
~2 Bites of Brian's double cheesebuger = heavenly.
~Hanging out with everyone at Bobby's house.
Honeslty it was the best fucking time that I've had in a long time. I love you all so fucking much.

CrazyTigerKitten (1:58:04 AM): and I had 2 bites of a double cheeseburger. Can I just say that that's like being SOOOOOOOO horny and only getting to make out.....and not even make out for a long time either.
Testostrogen (1:58:04 AM): yeah...this is your cue to go get food.
CrazyTigerKitten (1:58:06 AM): it's like that
CrazyTigerKitten (1:58:08 AM): only worse
gReyfoxsnl (1:58:17 AM): hm
Mchicky123 (1:58:25 AM): HAHAHAHAAAAAA
Mchicky123 (1:58:51 AM): lacey...only you would compare a double cheeseburger with sex.
Mchicky123 (1:58:56 AM): wait...no...
Mchicky123 (1:59:01 AM): that's not true at all.
CrazyTigerKitten (1:59:03 AM): instead of satasfying my hunger, it only made it worse

Jun. 19th, 2004

"Love Is Just A Hoax"

I Know you never meant to do everything you put me through. It's okay, I forgive you. Just know that when you see me cringe sometimes. I'm just trying to rid the poison from my mind.

from now on, a lot of my entries are going to be friends only because there's waaaaaay too many people who read my journal that I would just rather that they wouldn't. so, if you wanna read it, comment and I'll more than likely add you.

There will probably be a few non friends only posts, but I'm not sure. We'll see how it goes.

Jun. 15th, 2004

Elbingador Survey......DO IT NOW!!!!!

1. If you were only allowed to watch a single channel on television for the rest of your life, which channel would you watch? hmm, that's hard I guess Comedy Central

2. Under what circumstances would you consider buying a mail-order spouse? never. I'll live alone with my cats first.

3. Type the first word or phrase that comes to mind after reading this word: gelatin. wiggly

4. If you became a magician, what would your stage name be? Lucious Lacey....no wait, that's my porn name.....damnit!

5. How many doors or doorways do you have in your current residence (meaning any door or doorway that you can walk through -- cabinets and refrigerator doors don't count)? 9

6. Name two people that you'd like to see fall in love (not including yourself). umm.....Scott and Rob

7. If you could only walk on the ceiling for one whole day, where would you want to be, keeping in mind that you wouldn't be able to go outside? alright, this one's kinda dumb. lol. but somewhere big so there's lots of room to walk. I dunno

8. If you're sitting next to a stranger and he or she sneezes, do you say anything to them? If so, what do you say? nah, I'm a jerk I don't say anything

9. Write one sentence about yourself using nothing but one-syllable words, and containing at least 5 words. My hair is long and my tits are big. LMAO

10. You're at a sit-down restaurant by yourself. What do you do to pass the time before you get your food? Imagine WAY better survey questions.

11. What's your favorite song with a number in the title? The number can be spelled out. 187 or 11:59

12. If you could be any cereal mascot, which one would you be, and why? Tony the Tiger

13. Pick one of the following words with disputed meanings and create your own definition for it: diva, emo, life, psychology, scientology, waste.

14. What's the worst possible job you could ever imagine having? Jubilee

15. What would you do for a Klondike bar? Make out with Chris.

16. Finally, if a giant meteor was heading toward earth, and nothing could stop it, and everyone and everything would be destroyed in 24 hours, how would you want to spend your time? NOT taking this survey

Jun. 14th, 2004

"Nothing Else To Lose"

ok, I have no idea how I'm going to talk about today, but I'll try.

So, today was the Katelyn, Kaitlyn, & Lacey extravaganza to Rochester.

+the drive there was a good time
+Went and visited Maren at work :) It was so wonderful to FINALLY meet her <3
+Went to the mall and brought Aaron coffee
-Hung around the mall for a while with nothing to do, Katelyn and Kaitlyn shopped but I'm poor.
-/+Sat in Katelyn's car in the mall parking lot for like an hour but used that time to take a nap
+ Continued my nap while Katelyn and kaitlyn ate subs.
+Went to Corey's house and hung out with him and Aaron and I bonded with Corey's cats while Katelyn and Corey bonded over boondoggle (is that how you spell it??)
+Met up with Francias and others. and went to Java.
"I scream everytime you touch me"~Katelyn to me.....oh yeah baby, I'm THAT good.
+Decided to go check out some place that is supposed to be haunted, it wasn't but it was still a fun time.
-Getting lost on the way home
but quite possibly the BEST part of the night was when Katelyn was driving me home and she didn't feel like putting a new CD in so we were listening to the radio and she had it on kiss 98.5 and they were talking about some concert and the following conversation took place (keep in mind she's REALLY tired):
Me: "Who the hell is that"
Katelyn: "Some rappist"
Me "ummmm you mean rapper?"

we both seriously almost died laughing. BEST way to end our trip. <3

Jun. 11th, 2004

"Everything Is Gonna Be Alright"

So, last night was alright. There were a ton of people at the show, which was wonderful, and I got to see Tom who I've only seen maybe 4 times since he quit Jubilee well over a year ago. Hottest boy ever. lol.

So Fall Out Boy was amazingly wonderful. I love them SO much.

So, I'm actually in a good mood today, and mostly because when my dad came to pick up Kristen he had Treya with him. I Love her SO much. I don't care about gas prices, I'm gonna try to make it out there once a week from now on.

So, here are some Treya pictures, they're from november, I should scan the christmas ones. lol

Yeah, my dad scanned this one for me and was too lazy to take it out of the frame, lol

she looks so much older than that now. I can't believe she's already gonna be three :)

Anyway, I'm gonna go. more later perhaps.

Jun. 10th, 2004

"Where Is Your Boy Tonight"

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So, I'm in a slightly better mood due to talking to Chris on the phone last night for a little bit (that always cheers me up) and then visiting my Dad today.

I really wish that I got out there more often. I wish gas wasn't so damn expensive. My step mom and I have gotten so close over the past year, it sucks that I don't get to see her more often. And Treya, god I love her. I REALLY wish I got out there more often to see her. She's sooooo adorable, and she's always so excited to see me, and she doesn't leave me alone the whole time I'm there, I love it and I love her. I can't believe she's going to be 3 already. I can't wait until her party on the 27th. I have to think of something to get her.

Tomorrow is Fall Out Boy, and hopefully my semi-happy mood will continue.

Jun. 7th, 2004

"And I Let You Get The Best Of Me, Cuz There's Nothing Else That I Do Well"

ugh. Sometimes (ok, that's a lie. alllll the time) I hate my life.

Today was the WOTM/TNT CD release show. I thought there was going to be a lot more people there, but then again it WAS a sunday, and there WERE a lot of people, but If it had been a friday or saturday, there probably would have been like twice the amount of people.

Anyway, can I just talk for a minute about the Spill Canvas? <3. SO wonderful. BUT, not a good idea to listen to them when you're in the mood i've been in lately. I had an intense mental breakdown. was NOT pretty. Ended up crying in the bathroom and I ALMOST left (Which would have been really stupid because I would have had to walk home since katelyn drove (hence the reason I didn't leave)) and then I was pretty damn miserable for a while after that.

My mood picked up a little when Dina, Cassie, and Jess showed up. Dancing and singing with them made me feel a little better.
I did get to see a lot of people that I love: The wotm boys, the tdaa boys, Katelyn(of course), kaitlyn(of course), Justin, Care, Trisha, Megan, Paul, Steve, Dina, Jess, Cassie, Leah, Tom, and I know i'm forgetting people, for which I am sorry, but I'm very tired and not in the best of moods.

Tomorrow I'm getting some quality Megan time after she gets out of school, and hopefully that will make me feel better because hanging out with her usually does. <3

ok, I'm going to bed.

I'm really sick of Livejournal. I don't know if I'm gonna update anymore.

Jun. 6th, 2004

"Wrap Me Up In A Dream With You"


Jun. 5th, 2004

I can't think of a subject line.....

So, Last night I went with Katelyn, Kaitlyn, Robin, Charile, and Lee and saw Shrek 2. It was SO adorable. I absolutly loved it. Puss in Boots <33333333

Then I came home and watched a lot of Buffy because I'm lame like that.

Then today I slept until like 3 (i'm really enjoying this "vacation" that I'm on) and then got ready to go to Heathers for her birthday party (which is where I am now) it's actually been a good time, with quite a few people that I hardly ever see anymore, and some intensly tasty food.

"Goats don't kill people, Guns kill people"

I think I'm looking forward to tomorrow. There's a few people that I'm looking forward to seeing. Hopefully it'll be a good time, but more than likely I'll get lonely and mopey....we'll see.

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